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The Cumulative Effort of Science-Supported Methods For Agents Only!
A Guided System To Build Abundance in Your Real Estate Business
 The Fastest, Most Affordable Way to Earn More, Stress Less.
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The Agent Abundance Builder Kit is the KEY You've Been Waiting For.
There is Nothing Else Out There That Matters if You Don't Have This Missing Piece of the Puzzle.
What this kit will do for you
Once and for all MASTER the ABUNDANCE SECRETS that only the TOP PRODUCERS seem to possess, but once you go through this 33 day process,  you'll possess them too!
The 6 Most Important Things to Know:
  • Abundance is a mindset. 
  • Abundance is an energy.
  • Your unconscious programming is what has kept abundance from your life.  
  • Neuroscience & quantum physics can reverse your self-limiting beliefs and help you develop the exact energy required to attract abundance and a real estate business you love!
  • All you have to do is listen to 2 recordings every day and read a small selection from the e-book, and do the easy exercises. Only 33 minutes a day for 33 days will change your life!
The majority of real estate agents can't even pay their bills, let alone build abundant businesses. That stops here!
About The Creator
Tamara L. Dorris
Tamara is the author and researcher of 17 books. Her latest two, Mind Over Market, and The Preferred Realtor, are revolutionary in the real estate industry, and being called "ground-breaking" and "required reading."
Owner of Mind-Sphere Transformational Real Estate Coaching, Tamara incorporates her many years as a hypnotherapist into helping agents excel in their markets by overcoming unconscious roadblocks and building relationship- and referral-based businesses.
What People Are Saying
  • Tamara's ideas have changed the way I run my team and my life!"
    Randy, Seattle
  • ...just closed my biggest deal ever. What you put out in the world is what you get back and what you believe to be true is true. Thank you Tamara Dorris!"
    Jay, New York City
  • It's so crazy that "this stuff" actually works. I just wish I knew about and applied it years ago. " Katie, Carson City
  • Tamara has taught me what an abundant mindset really is."  Tony, Los Angeles
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